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Sermons on Acts, Page 3 

Matthew Jones  

Chapter 19: 

Challenge 1 (18th February 2018)

Challenge 2 (Friends) (25th February 2018)

Chapter 20 v1-12: Encouragement (25th March 2018)

Chapter 20: Wolves in Chique Clothing! (8th April 2018)

Chapter 21 v1-16: What is God's Will? (15th April 2018)

Chapter 21 v17-26: Principles! (22nd April 2018)

  • (Unfortunately, only about half of this sermon was recorded)

Chapter 21v27f: Courage! (29th April 2018)

Chapters 22-23: Have a Testimony Ready! (13th May 2018)

Martin Yates   

Jon Cram   

Chapter 22.30-23.11: Ready, Willing and Enabled! (27th May 2018)

Chapter 23 v12-33: Someone Out to Get You? (3rd June 2018)

Matthew Tromans  

Chapter 24: Don't Procrastinate! (10th June 2018)

Matthew Jones   

Chapter 25 v1-12: Holy Ambition! (24th June 2018)

Chapter 25v12-26v1: Real Faith in the Real World (1st July 2018)

Martin Yates   

Chapter 26: The AIM of Mission (15th July 2018)

Matthew Jones  

Chapter 27: Principles Arising! (29th July 2018)

Chapter 28v1-16: Trust (5th August 2018)

Jon Cram  

Chapter 28v17ff: Carrying On! (19th August 2018)

Martin Yates  

Chapter 29!!!!: Love (26th August 2018)

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