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Miscellaneous Sermons, Page 18

matthew jones 

a word to the fallen

gift of hospitality

morning and evening 21st may 2017

matthew tromans 

keep going, children... ... (4th june 2017)

matthew jones   

gifts of giving and leadership

21st may 2017; 4th june 2017

Gifts of Mercy, Healing and Discernment

18th June 2017; 25th June 2017; 2nd July 2017

adrian allman  

worship  (25th june 2017)

jon cram  

helpless and hopeless at the king's table (2nd july 2017)

matthew jones  

gifts of miracles and healing (9th july 2017)

gifts - conclusion (23rd july 2017)

martyn orton  

Micah 6v8: what does the Lord require of you? (16th july 2017)

matthew jones  

putting the right god first! (1, 2 & 3) (23rd july 2017; 30th july 2017; 20th august 2017))

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