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miscellaneous sermons, page 19 

david makepeace  

complaining prophet: a study in habakkuk (13th august 2017)

 Josh Cram  

Talk on Time in India (30th July 2017)

Matt Tromans  

Ephesians 6: God with you in the fight (27th August 2017)

Adrian Allman   

Jesus is Calling (Matt ch 10 vv1f) (3rd September 2017)

Matthew Jones  

Idols: The Story of Jacob (10th September 2017) 

The Idol of Success - 2 Kings 5 (24th September 2017)

Nebuchadnessar's Idolatry - Daniel 4 (19th November 2017)

Zacchaeus/Money (26th November 2017)

Jonah (3rd December 2017)


Martyn Orton   

Mothers Day 2018 (11th March 2018)

Matthew Jones  

Temptation (18th March 2018)

Easter Morning, 2018: Crushed! (1st April 2018)

Matthew Tromans  

Easter Sunday Evening, 2018: The Lion and The Lamb  (1st April 2018)

Monday, July 22, 2019
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