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Series on 2 Corinthians 

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Matthew Jones

4v6: The Glory of God in the Face of Christ 

Jon Cram

4v7-15: Power Through Weakness, Life Through Death

4v16-18: Faith Looking into Eternity from the Temporary

Matthew Jones

5v1-5: Decaying Yet Renewing Body 

5v(5)6-10: Christ-motivated, not Self-motivated

Martyn Orton

5v11-15: Living for God 

Mike Crook

5v16-6v2 - The Importance of 'Now'

6v1-7 - Reconciliation 

Martin Tromans

6v1-10 - Surprises! 

Steve Aston

6v11-13 Openness

Matthew Jones

5v11-21: He became sin for us 
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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