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2 Corinthians, Page 4 

Matthew Jones

10v7-11: Confronting critics of the gospel 

(Unfortunately a technical problem resulted in a very poor quality recording - apologies!)

Mike Crook

10v12-18: Saving the Church from Fools and a False Gospel

11v1-6: A fool for the Truth



Martyn Orton

11v7-15: A fool's love 

Mike Crook

11v16-21a: A fool's boasting 

Martin Yates

11v21b-33: A fool's suffering (more boasting!) 

Matthew Jones

12v1-10: Power through Weakness 

Mike Crook

Ch12 v 11-18: Giving everything, expecting nothing

Jon Cram

Matt Jones

Ch 12v19-Ch 13v14: Exercising Christ's Power


Final Sermon of the Series!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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