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Series - Themes from the Patriarchs 

Matthew Jones

1) Abraham - Choices!

2) Abraham - Receiving & Responding to God's Promises 

Mike Crook

3) Abraham - Meeting God 

Matthew Jones

4) Abraham: The Test of Time

5) Abraham: Present experience vs Future hope

6) Isaac: Trusting when questions seem to have no answers 


Mike Crook

7) Isaac: Effects of others' faithfulness on our lives 

Matthew Jones


8) Isaac: Security of God's blessing facing the World's challenges

9) Isaac: Looking at success through the World's 'eyes'

10) Jacob: Discernment (Genesis 27) 

Martyn Orton

11) Jacob: Finding Contentment in The Lord

Mike Crook 

12) Jacob: God, Provider & Protector

Matthew Jones

13) Jacob: True Reconciliation


14) Jacob: Reminders & Recommitment 


15) Jacob: Spiritual Maturity



Mike Crook

16) Joseph: Pride!

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