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Visiting Speakers - Page 7

Alan Dodd

Matthew 58: Jesus at the Centre

Rupert Abbott

Harvest 2013: Lessons from a Potato, Maize, an Onion and an Egg!

Steve Cox (France) 

Genesis 3: "Where Are You?"



Interview with Jane

Colossians 16: The Gospel "Bearing Fruit".

 Gareth Bolton (OM/AMEN)

1st December 2013:

Morning: Introduction


Morning; Sermon - Return to Your First Love


Evening: Introduction (10 minutes); Sermon - Following Jesus

Ross Hayes, Tearfund

Tearfund - Why?


Tearfund - How?

Richard Iley, FIEC.

65th Church Anniversary, 2014

1 Peter 24f :What is a Church?


Isaiah 35: Going Home!

John Severn

(Wycliffe Bible Translators)


If you would like to hear the evening session, please e-mail whefc. Thank you.

Luke 28-20: God Opens the Door

(23 March 2014)

Edwin Orton 

Psalm 48: New Zion

Psalm 48: New Zion's People

We apologise that the quality of this recording is poor due to technical problems: we've done our best to make it audible, but it leaves a lot to be desired!

Bill Patterson (SGA) 

1 June 2014

Hosea 10 11-13 : It's True! (If you'd like to hear the missions talk, please email whefc)

Philippians 2 : Work it Out!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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