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John Platt, BCM

Being Close to God (Morning), and Prayer for BCM (Evening) (11th October 2015)

Bill Humphries, Open Doors

Suffering Church Sunday, 2015 (8th November 2015)

The work of Open Doors, with an emphasis on prayer in the evening. (8th November 2015)

John Severn

Profit and Loss (Philippians 3) (10th January 2016)

[If you'd like to listen to the evening talk, please ask BC]

Steve Cox

Acts 8 v 26-40: Treasure (21st February 2016)

Wayne O'Leary

Slavic Gospel Association

Psalm 37: Good Advice from an Old Man! (12th June 2016)

SGA in Romania (12th June 2016)

God Forsaken World? (12th June 2016)

an evening with edwin orton

interview split into two parts - the complete file was too long to upload. (26th june 2016)

neil o'boyle  

youth for christ  

three files: 1) introduction to yfc; 2) get close to jesus; 3) stories (9th october 2016) (unfortunately during the evening session the microphone failed after the first of 3 sections - i've done my best to amplify, but the quality is very poor indeed)

bill humphries 

open doors 

suffering church sunday, 2016 (6th november 2016)

morning: showing christ to the world

evening: prayer warriors

brian & chris clarke, krasif aid 

12th march 2017

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