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Worship The One - Advent/Christmas 2014 

Matthew Jones 

Wonderful Counsellor (30th November 2014)


Mighty God (7th December 2014)

Martyn Orton 

Everlasting Father (7th December 2014)

Unfortunately there was a problem with this recording. We are trying to improve the quality, but it may be a lost cause!

Martyn has made his notes available, so you can download and read them.

Matthew Jones 

Saviour (14th December 2014)

Sam Owen 

The Word (three files) (21st December 2014)

Martin Yates 

Light & Dark (two files) (21st December 2014)

Jon Cram


Immanuel (28th December 2014)

Matthew Jones


The One Who is Crowned (4th January 2015)

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